Best Baraat Procession in Udaipur- Best Band in Udaipur


When it comes to an Indian wedding the most awaited ceremony for the groom and family is baraat. It is one of the most fun filled traditions in the entire wedding ceremony. It is basically the procession, which proceeds from the house of the groom, towards the wedding venue. The procession is attended by the all the relatives and friends from the groom. The groom is seated on a decorated mare or an elephant for reaching the venue. Everybody dances to the tunes of the songs and music played by the band accompanying them. This way the family rejoices for the new life
that the groom is going to start along with his life partner. Amongst all the celebration, the baraat eventually reaches the marriage spot, where the family members of the bride, awaits them.


Baraat consists of :

  1. Ghodi
    • Ghodi, Baghi, Vintage Car, Car.
  2. Band
    • Types : DJ Van, Brass Band, Trolly Band, Military Band, Police Band, Dhol band.
  3. Lavajma
    • Elephant, Horses, Camel, Person holding (Mashal, Bhala, Pan, Suraj, Turai, Bakiya, Etc).
  4. Lights
    • LED light Pot, Moving LED light Pot, Light on Generator,  Light from Venue.
  5. Fireworks
  6. Refreshment
    • Water, Soft Drink,  Hard Drinks, Cold Towels, Dry Fruits


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Best Baraat Procession in Udaipur- Best Band in Udaipur