When you are a celebrity, there is a public image you have to live up to, especially when there is a wedding on the cards. Right from paparazzi to ardent fans, everyone wants to know the ins-and-outs starting from the wedding card and venue to the guest list and the honeymoon destination. After all, we love our stars!

Celebrity weddings—aren’t they just awesome? Some are big, some are super secret, yet it feels like we’re invited to each and every one through the magic of our iPhone screens. And there’s so much to double-tap!

With A-list performers, couture wedding dresses, and star-studded guest lists, celebrity weddings are always overflowing with big-day inspiration that we dream of incorporating into our own wedding days. So, are you an engaged bride-to-be? Well, then get ready to take some notes!

These celebrity weddings feature everything from castles in Europe to 12-tier wedding cakes to performances by Bono, Usher, and more. And let’s not forget wedding dresses that cost up to $1 million. Like we said, what budget?

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