Relevance of Mehendi

Relevance of Mehendi

The custom of applying ‘Mehendi’ to a bride, or as they call it in certain cultures – ‘Henna’, has been an important ceremony in most Indian and Arabian marriages, dating back to as far as traditions can hold. But where most traditions seem like a duty, a bride’s Mehendi ceremony is rather taken-up as another opportunity for merriment. And since the charm of a traditionally clad Indian bride lies in the intricate detailing that adorns her hands and feet, the Mehendi design plays an important part in the ceremony. Latest Mehendi Design, Wedding Planner in India, 2018, 2019

Wedding being the most important day in one’s life, Mehendi has become an ornament for the soon to be brides. There is, in fact, one whole ceremony dedicated to its celebration popularly known as Mehendi Ceremony or Mehendi Ki Raat’. This significance may be attributed to symbolic meaning of Mehendi i.e. fertility.

Mehendi Ceremony is among the pre wedding rituals in Indian weddings performed a day prior to the marriage. Just as Haldi ceremony symbolizes cleanliness, Mehendi signifies beautification. According to popular belief, the darker the color of the Mehendi of bride, the more her husband will love her. As a tradition, the bride is not allowed to work in her marital house till the time her Mehendi does not fade away. This ceremony is primarily a women function, which takes place amidst musical beats of Dholak, with women singing traditional songs for a prosperous marital life of the bride. Among the intricate patterns of the Mehendi will be hidden the groom’s name or his initials, which he will have to later find. This fun game breaks the ice for the couple and creates intimacy.

In order to make this conventional trend of henna application more exciting, fashionable and fun filled; there is a vast variety of Mehendi designs available today. Arabic Mehendi, Rajasthani Mehendi, Crystal Mehendi, Tattoo Mehendi, etc along with the traditional Indian Mehendi are among the most popular styles of Mehendi currently. Mehendi designs majorly consist of floral patterns, religious symbols, etc. while adding beauty and uniqueness to each design applied .It is now prominently used, especially in the West, to make tattoos on different parts of the body. Tattoos are made on arms, wrists, around the navel, the shoulder or the back. Henna is now being used for body art as well.


The latest trend in bridal Mehendi designs is to cleverly form beautiful shapes and patterns at the centre when the bride holds her hands together. The most popular of these shapes are hearts and temple motifs with jail design. This new style is usually done with Indian motifs as they are intricate and easy to manipulate according to your creativity. In a traditional wedding, the bride’s hands are not the only ones to enjoy beautiful Mehendi designs. The legs are also covered with bridal Mehendi designs.

Some people naturally get dark color of heena while some do not. So here we have few tips to try and make your mehndi darker and beautiful;

  • Keeping mehendi for long time without letting water touch your hands.
  • Dab lemon and sugar mixture at least two times
  • Run your hands over the gas fumes of cloves (laung)
  • Never use water for removal of mehendi
  • Apply desi ghee or balms after removing mehendi
  • Avoid using water after removal of dried crust; you can apply ghee and petroleum jelly after using water

Latest Mehendi Design, Wedding Planner in India, 2018, 2019

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