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VENUE: Hilton Jaipur (Cocktail, Haldi), Hotel Fairmont Jaipur (Wedding)

DATE: 12-13 NOVEMBER 2019




Wedding in Fairmount Jaipur | Palak + Udit

About Wedding

About the couple and their story (what they do, how did they meet, about the proposal, etc.)

Palak says, “ Udit and I met through our common friends in the United States and we felt an instant connection. On Halloween night of 2015, we both were chilling at a bar and wondering about our lives and future plans. It was then that we felt a certain closeness with each other and decided to give each other a chance.” “After dating for a few months, Udit surprised me with a trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey on my birthday. After we had dinner at an Italian restaurant, there was a Hummer Limousine waiting to take us to our next spot. He blindfolded me in the car and once he took that off, we were on the beach. I realized that this was no ordinary birthday celebration! There was a beautiful cabana set up with candles, flowers, and champagne where he went down on one knee and popped the question. It was by far the best night of my life!”

About the wedding venues and how did you choose it?

Palak shared, “We both love our culture and always wanted to have a destination wedding with a royal vibe that celebrated our love. An intimate affair with those closest to us was also one of our top priorities. That is how we decided to go with Jaipur, Rajasthan as our destination. Hotel Fairmont was perfect as it exuded an old-world charm and elegance which fit well with the vision we had in mind. For our haldi and cocktail we zeroed in on Hilton Jaipur.”


Venues: Hilton Jaipur (Cocktail, Haldi), Hotel Fairmont Jaipur (Wedding)

Wedding Planner and Décor: Desert Pearl Entertainment

Entertainment and DJ: Taalsutra (Cocktail)

Photography: Gautam Khullar Photography

Wedding in Fairmount Jaipur | Palak + Udit

A little overview of the various wedding functions (decor, themes, etc.) & any interesting anecdotes



With the theme being Glam Shaam, the cocktail party was a glittery affair which turned all the guest in their best gear. Elements like scintillating crystal chandeliers, elegant sofas and floral ornamentation added a grand yet alluring charm to the entire venue with a touch of gold ambiance. Palak’s outfit was a showstopper as she twirled around on the stage emulating every light in her white and silver-studded gown. Udit chose a dark blue bandgala in a contemporary cut that he accessorized with a gold chain.




The Haldi ceremony which was held by the poolside, had a bright and colorful theme Shielding the soon-to-be-wed from the sun, was a pair of cabanas, underneath which they sat comfortably while their families doused them with haldi. Peppered with bright orange marigolds and drapes, it was a traditional affair that exuded youthfulness. Both, Palak and Udit decided to go with yellow and white hues for their outfits. While Palak wore a soft yellow salwar kameez with floral jewelry, while Udit sported a quirky elephant print white bandhgala as they made merry with their friends.



The couple always dreamt of a royal destination wedding, the duo chose ‘Rajwada’ theme for the wedding. Adorned with chandeliers, lanterns and flowers, the whole venue was lit up in a soft golden glow as Palak and Udit took their vows amongst their loved ones. The bride chose a traditional red lehanga with golden embroidery all over it, which she accessorized with a statement mint green kundan and pearl necklace. Udit complemented her in a minimalist white sherwani with dull peach stole with soft ose golden thread work all over. Adding a pop of color to his outfit was a multi-layered necklace of red gemstones.

Wedding in Fairmount Jaipur , Hotel Fairmont, Jaipur, wedding Planner in Farimount jaipur







Best Wedding Planner for Fairmont Jaipur

Wedding in Fairmount Jaipur | Palak + Udit

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Wedding in Fairmount Jaipur | Palak + Udit

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