What’s the best part of a palatial wedding? Here is what it is!

What’s the best part of a palatial wedding? Here is what it is!

If you are planning a royal Palatial wedding in India and still skeptical about it let us tell you the fun part that is a part of a palatial wedding. Gone are the days when the wedding was just a traditional celebration-couples taking sacred vows, going through the conventional rituals, families celebrating and all the other things. No doubt, weddings these days have all the aforementioned elements. But, there is certainly more to it! What’s the best part of a palatial wedding? Here is what it is!

Let us have a look on the fun elements of a palatial wedding in India.


Royal Wedding Invites

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There are many ways to impress your wedding guests and the first thing you can do from the beginning is to send out an impressive wedding invitation such as a Royal Wedding Invites card. The rich texture and semi-transparent quality of vellum paper makes it an ideal alternative to popular acrylic invites trend. Moreover vellum especially isn’t too much more expensive, and allows more diy options for crafty brides.

The Maharajah-style Entry

The typical Indian baraat is one of the high points of the wedding. There’s dancing, camaraderie and one excited groom on his way to marry the love of his life! Grooms, you need an awesome arrival! Sure, tradition says you should come in on a horse, but we’re suggesting a little more swag. Spice up your grand entrance with some unique ideas!This is a compilation of our favorite baraat photos that will inspire you on your own special day.

The Royal Ambiance Decor


One of the most noticeable and awe-inspiring elements in a royal palace wedding is the surreal decor. The gleaming lights and the palatial ambiance make one feel nothing less than “the royal couple”. Take your vows while your guests swoon at the ambient decor.

The Royal Jewellery

Weddings and jewellery are always synonymous with each other. This is especially true in the case of Indian weddings where jewellery plays a significant role in the bridal trousseau. Pearls are classic, iconic and feminine. They are a timeless addition to any woman’s jewellery collection and add luminosity to anyone donning them. While every woman wants to look her best on a date, she also doesn’t want to look like she’s trying too hard. You might have finally picked the perfect outfit for your date.

The Grand Wedding Meal

A Big Fat Indian Wedding is incomplete without serving finger-licking food to the honorable guests. It will not be wrong to say that most of us eagerly wait for the moment that when we will have delicious food, whose aroma has filled the venue. In order to host a grand wedding, you need to take care of the quality of food and services that you are offering to the guests. If you haven’t selected the dishes to be served at your wedding then just check out the menu that we have prepared for your wedding.


Copacetic Firework

Fireworks always make an event ethereal. How about imagining exchanging your vows in a splendid palace with a backdrop of fireworks to celebrate the union of two people in love

The Ultimate Traditional Feel

Finally, a palatial wedding gives you as well as your guests an ultimate traditional feel. You can even opt for traditional dance performances on one of the pre-wedding nights to give your guests and yourself an amusing ethnic experience.






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